I am Ifat Jacob Kahlon, a wife, chemist and a jewelry designer.

For as long as I can remember myself I had a special love for jewelry.

My life devided into two. I have a master degree in material chemistry and i work at a startup company named " Twine soultion" as a chemist reasearcher.

My second hat is a jewelry designer which is my new passion, i love to create gentle and delicate jewelry made from goldfilled and silver.

All my jewelry over the website is hand made by and mine ideas inspired from all things.

Because designing special jewels is a form of mutual storytelling. It’s about finding fresh ways to fit and flatter women and helping them live life to the fullest. It’s about listening closely to a woman’s inner voice, in the hope of touching her heart and tying the jewel’s spirit to her soul.

The story behind ijk is one of following secret dreams, of self-fulfillment and self-expression.